Hunter had the first birthday of the year, and for his fifth he wanted a super-hero birthday, complete with an Ironman birthday cake.  Of course, Jessica figured out how to make his dreams come true.


Although when we bought our house everyone swore that it “doesn’t really snow much in Virginia” and that we “shouldn’t worry about the driveway since we’ll never have to shovel” we spent many hours shoveling.  For the record our big Ford van never got stuck, but it did spend a few nights at the end of the driveway instead of by the garage just to be safe.


It wasn’t quite a Colorado winter, but enough to keep the kids entertained.


Eva really enjoyed the snow.  Our big Ford van, on the other hand, did not.  But that’s why we also have a Subaru.


By the end of the month the snow had melted again, and Jessica got to work breaking ground for our garden.  The previous owners never really had a vegetable garden, so we had some work to do to frame in beds and get fencing in.  We weren’t sure how successful we’d be, given the number of trees and amount of shade on our property, but we figured we’d give it a shot.