Virginia has lots of woods, and woods mean creatures.  Jonah is our resident snake-catcher extraordinare.  Have no fear, he knows which ones to stay away from.


After nearly a year of commuting by bicycle to, in, and from the District, Barry had his first run-in with an automobile.  Thankfully his wheel took the brunt of the accident, while Barry just caught the Metro to work.


Eva, as our youngest, is pretty good at holding her own against her older brothers and sister.  Doing things her own way is pretty standard.


Granny and Papa Hone came to visit, and unlike their last visit, the weather was perfect for some sight-seeing in and around Washington D.C.

View of the Potomic from Lee’s house

Hunter always can stand out in a crowd.


While Jonah on the other hand, blends in (sometimes).


A local state park near where we live put on a weekly mountain bike race series, with a great kid’s category.  Three of the boys did a couple of races, and had a great time.



Logan made the podium in his first race.


The only thing better than having your own pool is having a neighbor who let’s you use their pool.  We are grateful for all the hot summer days the Luciw’s let us cool off  at their house.  Eva was much more interested in pool-swimming than the ocean.


Summer means Scout Camp, and as the Troop’s Scoutmaster Barry took Jonah and nine of his companions to Camp Marriott, in the Shenandoah mountains.  It was a great week with a great group of young men.