Fall is the time for harvest, and picking Honeycrisp apples in Winchester, VA is our new tradition.  Not only are they the best apples you’ve ever tasted, the fact that the trees are at kid-height makes it trip to remember.


The playground, and apple-cider donuts also are a big hit.


We are not sure where it came from, but Hunter has a thing for what he calls “Tikis”, or any carved-wood face like a totem pole.  In September he declared “National Tiki Day”, and made an assortment of Tiki faces.  Such a fun kid.


After just about a month, our two-week kitchen makeover was complete.


For our family, just about every day is a school day.  Here’s Brenna showing Eva the wood frog she caught in our yard.



And here’s Logan teaching Eva how to roll a hoop (a very useful skill I might add).